LearnKey Signature Certification Program

Highly specialized job readiness program

Our Signature Certification program is all about improving your employability skills through a highly specializedjob readiness and employment assistance program where we provide each student with the tools and skills necessary to get them in an upward mobility career.

What sets the LearnKey Signature Program apart is our immediate focus on enhancing your employability right from the start of your program. You’ll be introduced to and engaged in employability activities from day one, ensuring a proactive and comprehensive approach to your career development.

Who can participate?

Students who wish to enroll in LearnKey programs and courses are first pre-screened to determine suitability for the program in which they are interested. An assessment is required for admission. LearnKey believes that as a student, you should have the desire and self-motivation, regardless of past experiences, to step up and prove yourself and your abilities.

How does it work?

Our Signature Certification and Employability program enables students to engage with our Employability Team throughout their time with LearnKey with an emphasis placed on:

  • Employability Team for coaching and placement assistance
  • Creating a professional online presence (LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Preparing a professional resume
  • Addressing behaviors which may be roadblocks to employment
  • Reaching milestones through employment goal setting
  • How to utilize natural talents and behaviors in the workplace

Once students complete about 75% of their program, the Employability Team will begin to assist students in preparing for job interviews with hiring companies in our employer network. The student must be willing to travel up to one hour (each way) for the interview.

Ready to get started?

Our Student Services representatives can provide you with full program details, certification paths, and more. Call us today so we can help you lay out your long-term career options.

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Certification Programs Offered

  • Cloud Administrator
  • Cyber Security
  • Networking
  • Technical Support/Help Desk

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