LearnKey Blue Ocean Employability Program

In this custom training and employment program, students receive intensive job search and interview coaching assistance after completing their training and certification program.

The LearnKey team has a large and ever-growing network of major employers who are looking to hire in the immediate future. We connect these employers with highly trained job candidates who have been trained to the specific needs of the company/industry.

The Blue Ocean program is a framework of career enhancing education modules into which we insert multiple certification bundles (those listed below). This framework includes Microsoft Office certifications, communications modules, behavioral coaching, soft-skills modules, resume review/production, interviewing skills modules, job search skills modules, etc. A typical Blue Ocean program would include the framework courses mentioned above plus 4-7 certification bundles. This allows many variations in the program and allows the student to have a program custom fit to their needs.

How does it work?

Once the student is accepted into a program with an approved career path, a LearnKey representative will put together the curriculum needed to meet the needs of the applicant's chosen career. An education timeline will be provided and the student can begin studying for certification exams. In the final term of the program, the Employability Team will begin working with the student.

Additional Benefits

  • Weekly interactions with an assigned Student Services Representative
  • Weekly tutoring sessions with content experts
  • Many certifications will convert to college credit
  • Intensive job coaching and employability assistance

Student Life Cycle

Referral & Enrollment Process

The life of a LearnKey student starts with the referral and enrollment process. The first step is an in-depth conversation with veterans to learn about their field of interest, employment goals, and the certifications that interest them. Our Enrollment Specialists will answer any questions regarding timelines, prerequisites and requirements for certifications, and any other general inquiries. The great thing about LearnKey is open enrollment, where students can pick a start date that suits their needs versus waiting for the next term, semester, or even week to begin.

Student Services Representative (SSR)

During enrollment, students are assigned a Student Services Representative (or SSR). The SSR is the center of support throughout the entire program, from the first certification to the last. Students will meet with their SSR weekly. SSRs assign upcoming courses, resources, and exam vouchers and answer any questions students may have. SSRs will send a progress report to the student’s VA counselor monthly.

Employability Skills

When students are nearing the end of their tenure at LearnKey, they will work more in-depth with the employability team to finish their resumes and cover letters. Students will participate in mock interviews and get help searching for jobs, along with application coaching, weekly job leads, and check-ins. All these activities are reported back to the student’s VA counselor. With LearnKey’s Blue Ocean program, students that successfully complete all their certifications are guaranteed an employment opportunity as a paid intern working for LearnKey until further employment is found.

Ready to get started?

Our Student Services representatives can provide you with full program details, certification paths, and more. Call us today so we can help you lay out your long-term career options.

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Certification Programs Offered

  • Cloud Administrator
  • Cyber Security
  • Networking
  • Programming
  • Technical Support/Help Desk

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