IC3 Spark Bundle

Course Overview

LearnKey’s IC3 Spark course is focused on teaching students the basic foundational knowledge covered in LearnKey’s IC3 GS5 training. There are over 2 hours of online video training and project-based activities. Students will learn a broad range of computing knowledge and skills including software, hardware, operating systems, key applications, and living online. IC3 Spark is an entry-level computer certification which is suitable for anyone needing foundational digital concepts.


  • IC3 Spark course
    • instructive video
    • interactive labs
    • pre-test/post-test
    • test preparation program
  • Exam voucher with retake option



Price: $440.00

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Time to Complete*: 45 clock hours or 2.5 weeks

*Estimated time includes instructional hours only and does not include certification exams or study time