Autodesk Certified User (ACU) AutoCAD Certification Bundle

Course Overview

The AutoCAD 2019 course will prepare you to sit for the AutoCAD Certified User exam by teaching you how to draw objects with accuracy and modify them after they are created, organize objects, reuse content from previous projects or other sources, annotate drawings, and set printing and plotting options to prepare your project for distribution. The AutoCAD 2019 course will not only prepare you for certification, it will help you learn the skills needed to compete in the computer-aided design job market.


  • Autodesk Certified User (ACU) AutoCAD course
    • instructive video
    • interactive labs
    • pre-tests/post-tests
    • online project workbook
  • GMetrix Practice Tests
  • Exam voucher with retake option
  • LearnKey educational coaching with live group tutoring sessions
  • Certify for Life program



Price: $772.00

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Time to Complete*: 50 clock hours

*Estimated time includes instructional hours only and does not include certification exams or study time