Adobe Certified Associate Video Design Specialist

Course Overview

LearnKey’s ACA Video Design Specialist certification program includes the following:

After Effects CC

LearnKey’s Adobe After Effects CC 2019 program is built for those who want to become motion graphics and visual effects specialists or are just looking to become more employable in the areas of video post-production. This course also helps users get ready to earn the brand-new Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) for After Effects certification. After Effects is a very robust and complex application and this course will help users learn and better navigate the program. It will also help to unleash creative prowess in the areas of motion graphics and visual effects. With After Effects CC, users can take any idea and make it move.

Photoshop CC

LearnKey’s Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 program is designed for both novice and advanced users when preparing for certification. Photoshop is the industry-standard image editing software, used worldwide by professional photographers, amateur photographers, and designers who want to perfect their digital images by going beyond what is captured by the camera.

Premiere Pro CC

LearnKey’s Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 program teaches the basics of working in the digital video industry; how to create, navigate, and organize a project and the application interface; how to create and modify elements of digital video; and how to publish a final project for distribution. Professionals use Premiere Pro to produce and edit productions fluidly and keep up with the rapid advancement of video and multimedia technology.


  • Adobe ACA courses: After Effect CC, Photoshop CC, and Premiere Pro CC
    • instructive video
    • interactive labs
    • pre-tests/post-tests
    • online project workbooks
  • Access to Adobe CC software (6 months)
  • GMetrix Practice Tests
  • Exam vouchers with retake option
  • LearnKey educational coaching with live group tutoring sessions
  • Certify for Life program


None. Each certification is ACE recommended and WILL CONVERT TO COLLEGE CREDIT.

Price: $3,326.00

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Time to Complete*: 300 clock hours or 12 weeks

*Estimated time includes instructional hours only and does not include certification exams or study time